How did we get to this point?

The story of medical malpractice lawsuits is full of contradictions.It started with a few doctors who felt they were being held accountable for the death of their patients.Then, as now, lawsuits were being filed for medical malpractices by a handful of medical schools, many of them not being properly funded by the state.The first to […]

When will you pay?

More than a million players have suffered injuries, and their insurance has not been paid.The Football Association’s Insurance Fund (IFI) has not paid out an amount due from players, even though it is owed over €100 million, as it was required to by the governing body in 2016.A new law was introduced in 2018, but […]

When You Pay For Your Surgery: The Price of Insurance

A recent article on National Review, titled “How Much Should You Pay for Your Surgery?” asks, “Should you pay for your procedure out of pocket?”And the answer is “No.”First, if your insurance covers your whole procedure, the deductible is relatively small.If you have to pay out of your own pocket, you can expect to pay […]

Medical malpractice attorney offers ‘free’ dental treatment

NEW YORK — A dental malpractice lawyer is offering free dental treatments in order to help dentists “defend themselves from frivolous lawsuits,” according to the New York State Attorney General.Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a press release Wednesday saying that Dr. Peter Hickey of the Dr. Michael D. Hickey Clinic in Brooklyn, New York, is […]

When a Midwife Has a Medical Malpractice Settlement

On November 4, the midwife of the late Dr. Paul Griffiths filed a lawsuit against her former employer, the University of Southern California.Griffiths died of a brain hemorrhage in March 2015.The suit accuses the university of negligently concealing a pattern of malpractice claims that have resulted in a $1.9 million settlement with Griffiths’ family and […]

When you need an attorney in Houston, the law can help

It’s been five years since the Houston Malpractice Act went into effect.In that time, a new class of malpractice lawyers has emerged in the state and there are now over 2,500 attorneys working in the Houston area.As more and more Houston attorneys work in the area, they’re seeing more and the law is becoming more […]

How to fight malpractice claims from the inside

How to get ahead in the malpractice court article What to do if you’re in a malpractice case article How much do you have to sue for?article What are the penalties for not settling a malleable claim?article Malpractice attorneys say there are different levels of compensation, and there are a lot of different ways you […]

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