Medical malpractice attorney offers ‘free’ dental treatment

NEW YORK — A dental malpractice lawyer is offering free dental treatments in order to help dentists “defend themselves from frivolous lawsuits,” according to the New York State Attorney General.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a press release Wednesday saying that Dr. Peter Hickey of the Dr. Michael D. Hickey Clinic in Brooklyn, New York, is offering a free consultation in order “to help dentistry professionals defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits that may arise as a result of their actions.”

In his statement, Schneiderman said that Hickey, who specializes in medical malpractice, has been offering free consultations for a few years, but the law is now demanding that “all patients in New York and around the country be subject to such a tort.”

The statement goes on to say that “these services are being offered to protect patients and the profession against frivolous claims, and they are not available in the absence of state laws requiring them.”

Schneiderman added that “such a tort could easily become a litigated class action.”

“In addition to the costs to the individual defendant, the law would likely impose on all other claimants as well,” he added.

“This is why we believe free consultation services such as this one are a useful tool for providing access to free dental care to all New Yorkers.”

In a blog post, Hickey said that he decided to make the free consultation available to all patients after a recent experience with a doctor who had been suing him for malpractice.

The dentist had sued Hickey and his practice for $15 million for malpractices.

Hickey, an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) certified medical malologist, is currently working on a book about his experience with the doctor.

In a statement, Higgs said, “I do not agree with the legal theories that are being put forward to justify this practice.

My experience with this doctor demonstrates that a doctor cannot defend against frivolous malpractice lawsuits, and I intend to defend myself against this baseless lawsuit.”

He added that he will continue to defend himself against the suit.

Schneidersman is calling for the law to be changed, adding that “this is an example of how the law has gone too far.”

He is also asking the state attorney general to investigate the practices of Hickey’s clinic.

Schroeder also said in his statement that the state should issue regulations requiring dentists to provide dental care as a right, and that all dentists should be required to obtain a malpractice liability insurance certificate.

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