UK to introduce new law for ‘professional malinvestment’ of people with brain injuries

UK doctors and surgeons will be able to sue a patient for “malinvestment” of their brain, under a new law to be introduced by the country’s Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

The Government has announced that “brain injury” and “brain death” are now separate legal conditions, making it easier for victims to recover. 

But it also made clear that “professional malaccident” would be treated the same as “professional negligence”, meaning that an insurance company could sue a “disease” sufferer for damages of up to £20,000.

The change means that a UK-based hospital can be sued for “professional” malaccidents that occur outside the UK, such as an accident at a US hospital.

The legislation has been brought forward by Jeremy Hunt, who will be in charge of health policy from May next year.

In his keynote speech, Hunt announced a new system to tackle the problem of “disingenuous” doctors and doctors not seeking the advice of medical experts.

He said that if a patient did not want to be treated by a specialist, the hospital should offer “free” or “substantial” care.

“I believe it’s a very dangerous situation, where people are put in harm’s way,” he said.

“They are put into harm’s ways without being told what’s going on and what the consequences are of that decision, and they have no real choice.”

That’s why I’m going to take action to tackle it.

“The Government will also allow patients to take “reasonable measures” to reduce the risk of brain damage. 

It will also give the NHS a new power to demand compensation for “mental and physical impairment” suffered by a patient in their hospital, even if they are no longer a patient.”

The change to “dismemberment” will also apply to a patient who “disposes of” a brain injury. “

But we also recognise that the right decision to take such steps should not be taken for the sole reason of avoiding a potential financial loss.”

The change to “dismemberment” will also apply to a patient who “disposes of” a brain injury. 

Hunt said that “dislocation” will now be treated as a separate legal condition, meaning that it will be harder for hospitals to bring civil cases.

The move follows a case involving a young girl who suffered a brain hemorrhage at a UK hospital, but did not need hospital treatment.

The teenager, now 16, was given “dissociation” treatment after she was transferred from a US facility to a UK facility. 

In February, a court in the UK said that the girl had been unlawfully treated by her parents, who were not aware of the brain injury she was suffering. 

She was able to receive treatment at a British hospital, however, after she had gone back to the US.

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