When will the league pay out the $7 million in medical malpractices liability?

Posted November 06, 2019 11:16:30There is an important question for the NHL as it considers a potential $7-million payout for medical malmatters involving former NHL players.

That question came to light on Wednesday when the NHL announced it was considering the lawsuit filed by former Dallas Stars forward Mattias Janmark against the league for medical negligence.

The NHL was forced to defend itself in Janmark’s lawsuit after the NHL and NHLPA agreed to pay $6 million in damages to the player’s family for wrongful death.

The league has agreed to the $6-million settlement in the Janmark case.

The settlement was made with the hope that it will provide some relief to the Janmarks.

However, it also has left the door open for the player to seek an additional $2 million payout from the league if he is unable to collect that amount on appeal in a lawsuit against the NHLPA.

Janmark’s lawyer, Scott Dolan, said he is still reviewing the NHL’s decision.

“We’re looking at the merits of that (settlement) and what the ramifications will be for the next steps,” he said.

“I’m not sure that’s a definitive answer yet.

We’re going to see what the outcome is.”

The Janmarks’ lawsuit has been a subject of discussion among lawyers, hockey fans and NHL executives.

The league has a history of paying out money to players who have suffered medical malcontent.

Former NHLer Craig Adams was awarded $1.5 million in 2012 for a brain injury sustained in a hockey game.

A number of players have also received medical malpayments, including former Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Steve Sullivan, who is still recovering from the injuries sustained during the 2010 Stanley Cup Final against the New York Rangers.

A recent study found that about one in five players is subject to medical malpayment lawsuits in the United States.

While the NHL has not made a decision on whether to award the Jansezes compensation, Dolan said he believes the NHL will.

“The NHL is aware of this litigation and we believe it’s in the best interest of our players,” he told NHL.com.

“The NHLPA and the players are working together on a resolution that is the best for all parties.”

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