When will you pay?

More than a million players have suffered injuries, and their insurance has not been paid.

The Football Association’s Insurance Fund (IFI) has not paid out an amount due from players, even though it is owed over €100 million, as it was required to by the governing body in 2016.

A new law was introduced in 2018, but the IFI has yet to pay out any amount to players.

“If you take a case to the IFI, they have to give you an answer to the question: ‘Who owes you money?'” said one lawyer involved in a player’s legal case.

“In the past, we would get a bill from the IFR but we never got anything.”

It is a major financial burden for the players, who are expected to lose more than €2 million in the first year of a player having a career-ending injury.

“It is almost like being hit by a truck,” said one of the lawyers involved in the case.

The IFI does not specify how much the players will be entitled to if they fail to pay.

The law was brought into force by former president Gianni Infantino and is part of the new laws governing players’ careers.

Infantino, who was appointed to the presidency of the IFC in 2018 by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, announced in December 2018 that the IFIC would pay a €50 million loan to the players’ insurer, PFI.

But the IFFA said the IFFI would not pay out the loan until the next financial year.

“We are still waiting for the IFIF to pay the loan.

This is why the players have no way of knowing when it will be paid,” said Francesco D’Argenio, a lawyer representing players.

The players’ association, meanwhile, has said it is considering filing an appeal with the Supreme Court of Justice.

“There is no guarantee that the law will be enforced and the IF IFI will continue to pay players,” a spokesperson for the association said.

The football association’s legal action against the IIFI stems from a player named Silvino Zapponi who broke his leg in December last year.

Zapponi is currently on medical leave, and he said he has not yet received any payment from the IFL.

“I have asked the IFA for a guarantee that I will not be able to get back to playing for Italy until the end of 2018,” Zappini said.

“The IFL has refused to pay.”

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