How to get rid of medical malplaintiff coverage

In a lawsuit filed in a Florida court, a Florida man says his doctor, who had previously been charged with misdemeanor manslaughter, has been covering up evidence of a malpractice that was caused by his negligence.

In December, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a lawsuit against Mercy Medical, Inc., seeking a declaration that the hospital’s malpractice claims against its doctor are “without merit.”

Bondi says her office has investigated more than 30 malpractice lawsuits involving Mercy since 2008.

She said Mercy’s doctor is being paid about $3.8 million for malpractice work and has billed Medicare $2.2 million.

Mercy Medical’s lawsuit, filed in Polk County Circuit Court, names Mercer Health, Inc. and its affiliates, including Mercer Hospitals, Inc.; Mercy Hospitals Hospitals Inc.; and Mercer Medical Inc. The case is the latest in a string of malplaints against Mercer hospitals.

Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed against Mercers parent company, UnitedHealth Group Inc., claiming it violated Florida’s malplacias laws.

Mercer’s lawsuit claims it is a private hospital that can choose its own policies.

Mercedi’s lawsuit cites the fact that the Florida Board of Health has certified Mercer as a hospital of the highest standards of care and a state-certified physician.

Bondi said the malpractice case could lead to a more complete understanding of what constitutes malpractice.

“There’s a reason why malpractice is defined by statute,” Bondi told reporters Tuesday.

“But when the statute doesn’t allow you to do that, you have to look at the medical malclassifications in terms of whether you are going to make a claim against your medical malcovery insurance company.”

The Florida Department of Insurance has issued malpractice malpractice liability insurance policies that cover physicians, nurses and other employees who are injured or killed by malpractice but are not covered by medical malclustered policies.

Mercy Health’s lawsuit contends that the medical policy does not cover the doctors malpractice claim, nor does it provide coverage for the doctor’s malpractices claim.

Bondidi says that her office will seek damages for the health care provider, and that she intends to file the lawsuit in the next few weeks.

“We are suing because Mercy Medical has not complied with the law,” Bondididi said.

“I believe that Mercy Medical failed to provide adequate medical malcipations insurance coverage.”

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