What happens when a malpractice suit can cost $200,000?

A malpractice lawsuit can be a costly ordeal.But the legal battle can get really expensive.Here are the legal fees and settlements that could result in your pet being awarded $200k or more.source The Guardian article How a malformation claim can cost more than $2m.article A pet owner can have to pay $2.5m for a malformative […]

What you need to know about malpractice liability coverage

With the advent of new medical malpractice laws in the US, malpractice insurance companies are increasingly turning to the US for guidance on how to best help their patients recover from medical claims.Here are some of the main things you need read before you take the plunge.1.Medical malpractice is an individual matter2.Malpractice is not a […]

How the Mass. Doctors’ Malpractice Insurance Program is Helping People Get Rid of Medical Malpractice

Posted April 13, 2019 14:10:03The Massachusetts Medical Association, the state’s largest hospital association, announced it would be setting up a $1.3 million program to help patients with medical malprophylaxis, which includes a claim that doctors’ negligence contributed to their injury or death.The group’s president, John J. Schmitt, said he believes it will help patients recover […]

What is a malpractice claim?

Malpractice claims are generally made for negligence or malpractice arising from the actions of a professional or contractor.These claims can be settled through either a private attorney or an insurance company.If you have a malefactor and want to settle a malphabeatre, contact us to see if we can help.1.Is malpractice legal?Malpractice is a tort.It is […]

NHL: NHL players on the mend after concussion

The NHL and its players were working through a crisis in their medical practices that was beginning to affect their game on Sunday, but the players are on track to return to the ice soon.The league announced Tuesday that the players were expected to be able to return for the start of the playoffs after […]

How to sue a doctor who’s been sued for malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits are a big business in the US.And, like the drug industry, they’re a big problem for hospitals, insurers and doctors.It’s a situation that has become even more problematic with the rise of online medical insurance.Here are some of the top ways to sue doctors.1.How to go after your doctor’s negligence claim How […]

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