‘No way’: How the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the AFL’s medical team

With the AFL season underway, the AFL is facing questions over the health of its medical staff.

The Coronax outbreak has affected more than 200 medical staff, who are treating patients in hospitals across the country.

They have also been involved in treating patients who have contracted the coronavirus.

The AFL has been asked by the Federal Government to release the names of the doctors and nurses who have been affected, and the health department has been ordered to provide the information.

The information has not been released publicly, but the AFL has said that the data would be made public by the end of June.

“We are not going to say what doctors and other staff have been infected with coronaviruses,” AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said on Friday.

“That is something that is under investigation by the Victorian Health Department.”

He said the AFL was also working with health departments across the state to develop guidelines and measures to protect health staff and patients.

“I am hopeful that the AFL will take the information we have, and work with our health departments, to develop more robust policies and measures for protecting our staff and our patients,” Mr McLachlin said.

He said there was no specific information to suggest that a particular doctor or nurse had been infected, but he did say the AFL would be providing information to health departments as part of the investigation.

“It is not a question of if, it is a question whether the AFL staff are being infected.

It is a matter of when,” he said.

“When we receive information that a staff member has been infected it is an important part of this process.”

Mr McLaclan said he was confident that the staff were safe, and said they had been provided with the proper precautions.

The Federal Government has already made public the names and details of more than 800 people who have died from coronaviral disease, and Mr McLochlan said the process would continue until all those names were made public.

The health department also said that more than 100,000 coronavires had been detected across Australia in the past four weeks.

The coronavillae were detected on October 1, and as of the end on Friday, more than 10,000 were still circulating.

There were more than 5,500 new coronavides detected across the world in October.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) said more than 2,600 Australians were infected with the coronovirus in October, and that more people had died from it in October than in any other month since February 2015.

The NSW government said it had received a number of calls about the coronas so far, and more than 1,200 people have tested positive.

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