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Over $450 million for our clients, with dozens of cases exceeding $1 million!

Romanucci & Blandin: Attorneys Representing Clients Nationwide for Cases Involving Medical Malpractice
Romanucci & Blandin, a Chicago-Based Personal Injury law firm, established by successful personal injury attorneys, Antonio M. Romanucci and Stephan D. Blandin, is one the nation’s eminent personal injury, medical malpractice and civil trial practice law firms.

National Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Since the establishment of our firm almost 15 years ago, we have had numerous cases which have exceeded $1 million each, and have in total over $450 million in settlements and verdicts. To accomplish this milestone in a short time frame, you need attorneys who have a distinctive set of legal knowledge and skills, and an unsurpassed desire for justice. Our attorneys possess these skills and this passion, and they handle each aspect of your case, allowing you to care for your loved ones in their time of need. We also facilitate on-going support for you and your family, so you may be able to cope with your loved one’s injury, or your loss.

Our clients and other referring resources have divulged numerous factors that distinguish us from other firms, including our record of success, our profound experience, our systematic preparation, our meticulous and conscientious attorneys and support staff, and our compassionate advocacy in the courtroom where we fight for the rights of those whose lives have been altered forever.

We have gone head to head with some of the nation’s largest, most dominant establishments, hospitals, manufacturers, insurance companies, construction companies and municipalities. We continue to win our cases against these industry giants because we offer the complete facts, the reasoning and the need for justice that juries identify. In the end, these companies are held accountable for their actions.

Romanucci & Blandin: Personal Injury Law Firm’s Case Results
In 2009, a Cook County jury awarded the parents of a ten-year-old boy with a $22.3 million verdict in a medical negligence case that stemmed from treatment at Advocate Christ Medical Center/Hope Children’s Hospital in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn on May 29, 1999. Regrettably, the hospital’s negligence caused the loss of the boy’s left leg, along with other disabilities. The jury was in agreement with the plaintiff’s contentions that the hospital and staff were negligent on several accounts. First of all, they failed to diagnose the boy’s shunt problem in a reasonable amount of time. They also improperly applied a pressure dressing to his left leg, and then failed to remove it in a timely fashion, they failed to monitor his pulse and they improperly destroyed an echocardiogram. The boy and his parents will now never again need to worry about receiving quality care.

There was another case, which involved a female construction worker, who was awarded $5,550,000 in a settlement resulting from her injuries, after suffering incomplete paraplegia after a five-foot trench collapsed on her body. She will now receive the care and treatment she needs for the rest of her life.

Bringing Justice to Our Clients
Not only have we had extraordinary success on behalf of our clients, but we have also worked diligently towards changing rules and laws to make our world safer. We do advocacy work for the American Association for Justice, and this has brought on restitution for victims and their families, along with bringing on change to make our country safer for everyone. Because of the civil justice system, they are no longer using asbestos in schools or in public buildings, and now the workers are no longer being exposed to its harmful effects. Also thanks to this system, insurance companies are now being scrutinized for refusing to pay just claims, employing hardball maneuvers against policyholders and increasing premiums while amassing excessive profits. Why?

Because at the detriment to the consumers, the insurance industry persists in enjoying its greatest profits ever. The American Association for Justice has performed vast research examining the greed of insurance companies and are looking for how consumers can hold them accountable.

No Fee Unless We Get Results
At Romanucci & Blandin, we handle all cases on a contingency basis. We get paid only if you receive compensation in your case or if we prevent the insurance company from stopping or altering your benefits.

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