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Lack of Informed Consent

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All patients have the right to completely understand what their medical options are before they give their consent for medical treatment.  Doctors need to let their patients know about all of the risks and benefits that the procedure has and must also provide them with information about what alternate treatments are available.  Doctors are also required to use language when explaining that the patient will understand so the patient will be able to make an informed decisions about their medical treatment plan.

If your doctor failed to provide you with information about the risks that a procedure has and you suffered an injury or illness as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.  If you received information that was inadequate, then you did not receive enough information to give informed consent.

There are numerous cases nowadays in which verbal consent is no longer sufficient and the patient must give their written consent before any procedure.  An informed written consent from should include:

  • The physician’s qualifications
  • Purpose of the proposed procedure
  • Patient’s current medical condition
  • Name of physician performing the procedure
  • Expected recovery time
  • Chances of the procedure’s success
  • Approximate cost of the procedure
  • Any risk involved with the procedure
  • Alternatives, including their risks, as well as the option of non-treatment and its risks

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