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Medication / Pharmaceutical Errors

Medical and Pharmaceutical Error Litigation

There are millions of people who depend on their prescription medications to help treat their medical condition.  Although these medications do a great deal of good for patients, there are also instances in which people suffer an illness or death because of a pharmaceutical error.  These medication errors happen if a healthcare provider is negligence in prescribing the correct medication for their patient.  Medication errors can also be the result of a negligence by a pharmacist, nurse or other medical professional.  For the majority of medication error cases, the injury or death was the result of the patient being given the wrong type or the incorrect dosage of a medication.

RB Law has handled medical malpractice claims for injuries or deaths from medication errors that were caused by:

  • Mistakes when the medication prescriptions were filled
  • Incorrect labels on the medication
  • Failure to properly advise the patient on how to take the medication
  • An error in administering the wrong type or incorrect dosage of medication to a patient
  • An adverse reaction to the drug because of undocumented allergies

Medication errors can cause serious injuries or death and can completely alter a family’s life.  RB Law’s medical malpractice attorneys are here to ensure that you understand your legal rights and to get you the highest compensation possible for your injuries or loss.

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