What is the malpractice policy?

Malpractice insurance covers the cost of mental health treatment, and it also covers certain medical costs such as the treatment of a patient who has suffered a serious injury.According to a report by The Times, a total of 5,000,000 people are covered under this policy. 

How to report doctor malprision cases in New York City

More than 200 doctors have been criminally charged in connection with a malpractice settlement with Medicare, a federal health agency that covers the New York metro area.More than 100 people have been charged in the cases, which date back to 2009.The criminal charges have been upgraded to a felony, and authorities say they will be […]

Why the Dallas Cowboys need to move on from Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Dez Blanton has received a new two-year contract worth $12.5 million with $9.5M guaranteed, ESPN reported.Blanton, 26, has been out of the league since being suspended in February for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.Blount was one of the best defensive players in the NFL in 2016 and will be in […]

Lubbock hospital ‘in denial’ about the extent of rehnkes medical malpensory

The Lubbocks hospital where Rehnke was found dead has denied reports he suffered a medical mal-practice claim.Lubbock County District Attorney Craig Stokes said a coroner’s investigation is being conducted to determine whether Rehnkes claims are valid.Mr Stokes told reporters that Rehnks claims were rejected because of the lack of evidence.“There is no evidence that any […]

What we know about drygas liability coverage

DRYGAS ISSUES DRAINAGE RISK COVERAGE: THE MONEY AND THE POTENTIAL STORY FOR A LACKING NATIONAL IDEA TO COVER IT ARTICLE DRYGA ISSUED a revised insurance policy for the company, adding $100 million in additional coverage to its existing $1.9 billion policy for its “low-risk” class of policies covering the “emergency” and “hazardous” classes of drivers.The […]

How to Get Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Dismissed in Missouri

Medical malpractice is a complex issue that many people will never fully understand.We are going to explain what exactly constitutes a medical malpractice claim, how it works, and how you can prove it.We also want to give you tips for getting a medical liability lawsuit dismissed.You can read more about medical malpacts here.Medical malpractice definitionsMedical […]

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